Namma Aarogya Kendra

Launch of Namma Aarogya Kendra in Karnataka

NAMMA AAROGYA KENDRA in Tumkur District, Tiptur Taluk, Halkurike Village are a novel concept started in Karnataka with the aim of setting up an inclusive healthcare system pan India. The Namma Aarogya Kendra clinics will be managed by Namma Aarogya Sakhis who will be trained on digital platform by specialists from team ARTIST for Her.

They will be trained to use the point of care medical devices and other basic health parameters for the primary health checkup, which will help them understand the primary health complaints reported by the girls and women.

Namma Aarogya Sakhis will send these reports and do a follow up video call with the team of ObGyns at Divakars Speciality Hospital and ARTIST champions who are spread across Karnataka, who will guide them for the further course of action.

This novel initiative not only will provide employment to the girls in the village who will play the role of certified AAROGYA SAKHIs but the AAROGYA Kendras will serve as an easy access to every girl every woman in the nearby villages.

Watch the launch program of Namma Aarogya Kendra in Tiptur Taluk -

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Dr Speaks
Dr Hema Divakar

"All that we need is the will to do what we have set out to do. Being in the women’s healthcare space for the last three decades, we have recognized that access, affordability, and lack of awareness impact the health of girls and women much more than their male counterparts.

It is not only about empowering women on the importance of speaking up and taking care of their own health, but also about ensuring that they reach healthcare providers physically or digitally. We must encourage them to seek preventive care and ensure their wellness.

Namma Aarrogya Kendra (NAK) established within their reach and Namma Aarogya Sakhi’s from within the community will be the right solution, with a virtual connection with the specialists who are miles away but willing to reach the last mile digitally. The concept, a dream is now becoming a reality in Namma Karnataka with launch in Tiptur.

Using local talent to learn from experts about basic and preventive care and serve as catalysts to connect with specialists is a win-win situation for all concerned."

Glimpses from NAK Launch
Recording from the Namma Aarogya Kendra launch program at Tiptur taluk