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A group of expert healthcare professional, leaders of professional organisations (national and international) key opinion makers , researchers and academicians , leading clinicians in practice – this is the mix of the best resources under one umbrella.

Dr. Hema Divakar / Chairman and CEO

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ARTIST for HER has adopted an ambitious Vision 2022, which has been categorized under five verticals ABCDE namely,

  • Adolescents Care & Anemia Control
  • Building Contraceptive Choice
  • Cervical Cancer & Vaccine
  • Diabetes; and
  • Emergency Care during Childbirth

Taking advantage of all digital mediums & platforms, and other innovative means, ARTIST for HER is now gearing up towards creating lasting impact on the aforementioned areas in the years to come.

Besides Advocacy and Research , ARTIST has a mission to offer cost-effective training without a compromise on quality, through onsite teaching at Skill Gurukool and blended skill transfer programmes through digital platforms.

It is made sure by the Team ARTIST that the skill is adequately and completely transferred without compromising on the quality of training. Trainers at ARTIST ensure that the training is not just about the certificates but it is about the competency. The spectrum of training encompasses basic ObGyn skills to recent advances inclusive of endoscopy, ultrasound and infertility with a foundation of evidence based protocols . All our trainings are low dose high intensity sessions, each time for smaller groups of people so that every participant can be provided with individual attention and each of them can be certified as being competent in performing the skill.

"By training the frontline healthcare professionals, staff nurses, counsellors, health educators and clinical assistants on a whole range of competency based- activities spanning from lifestyle to emergency care, we intend to strengthen this cadre through effective capacity building programmes. We want to bring in the concept of each one teach one by conducting practical, hands-on skills training," said our CEO Dr Hema Divakar

Our Programs

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is an annual conclave of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists and related healthcare professionals from all over India and the world from various organizations with an aim to interact, introspect, innovate, audit and discuss the practicalities of implementation of various practice guidelines, thereby translating into clinical practices across the country.

This conference has been happening since 2007 and you can find the highlights of each conclave on the Cutting Edge Website.

Cutting Edge Conference translates Research into Practice. Over 500 OBGYNs Attend this Annual Conference since the last 10 years.

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Dr Hema Divakar among the panel discussing Diabetes care and management during Post COVID-19 Era - A webinar by ASSOCHAM
15 Jun 2021

Dr Hema Divakar among the panel discussing Diabetes care and management during Post COVID-19 Era - A webinar by ASSOCHAM

Date – 15th June 2021 Time – 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Maternal Diets and Nutrition Counselling
30 May 2021

Maternal Diets and Nutrition Counselling

Maternal Diets and Nutrition Counselling
Maternal Nutrition Technical E-Dialogue Series
30 May 2021

Maternal Nutrition Technical E-Dialogue Series

Dr Hema Divakar moderating the panel discussion on Maternal Nutrition Technical E-Dialogue Series