Our Ongoing Research

  • Myoinositol(2gms) + D-Chiroinositol (50gms) + Vit.D3(1000iu) Vs Placebo in the prevention of Gestational Diabetes in women with a prior history of Gestational Diabetes / PCOS women with Infertility
  • The single dose study with 500mg Vs 1000mg Ferric Carboxy Maltose Intravenous Injection in the management of Postpartum Iron Deficiency Anemia.
  • A randomized double blind, parallel, multicenter placebo-controlled study to demonstrate bioequivalence of Estradiol Vaginal Cream.
  • To the study the association between Granulosa Cell FSH & LH receptor gene expression & the outcome of Gonadotropin induced controlled ovarian hyper stimulation in infertile women undergoing in-vitro fertilization & embryo transfer (IVF-ET)
  • A randomized controlled trial of Dermal Vs Oral Estrogen for hormone replacement therapy in frozen embryo replacement IVF: A Pilot Study
  • A randomized, double blind, active & placebo controlled, comparative, multi-center study to evaluate bioequivalence of Estradiol Vaginal Cream (0.01% from Cipla) and Estrace Estradiol Vaginal Cream (0.01% from Warner Chilcott Inc.) with clinical endpoint in postmenopausal females with Vulvar & Vaginal Atrophy.
  • A clinical study to evaluate the efficacy & safety of Curcumin supplementation (CurQfen – The enhanced bioavailable formulation of curcumin) on Dementia patients having mild to moderate decline in Locomotor activities & impairment in Learning/Memory

Our Published Research

Original Article in Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare Ferric Carboxymaltose (FCM) Complex in the Treatment of Postpartum Anaemia: Non-Inferiority of a 500 Mg versus 1000 Mg Single Dose Administration For Full Article Please Click the below link

List of publications

  1. Divakar H , Tyagi S, Hosmani P, Manyonda IT . Diagnostic criteria influence prevalence rates for gestational diabetes : implications for intervention in an Indian PopulationPerinatology 2008, Vol 10 (6) : 155-161
  2. Divakar H ,Chitra G,Ramesh S Fetal Supra renal Mass – Diagnosis and Implications .Perinatologu 2005, Vol 7 (1) ; 39 – 42
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  4. Divakar H , Gautam M S, Manyonda IT Rapid versus slow intravenous iron sucrose administration : efficacy, safety and potential cost savings in an Indian Rural Pregnant Population with iron deficiency anemia . journal of perinatal and neonatal care volume 12, no. 2 , jul sept 2011
  5. Diwakar H, Girish N, Ramapriya, Chandra P, Gururaj G (2008). Use of EPDS in a private obstetrics setting, Journal of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India, 58(1): 41-44 jan feb 2008
  6. +-
  7. Divakar H , Manyonda IT cost effective Screening and diagnosis for geatational Diabetes Mellitis accepted for publication in IJIFM dec 2011
  8. Seshiah V , Sahay BK,Das AK, Divakar H ,et al Gestational Diabetes Indian Guidelines , J Indian Medical Association 2009; 107 (11) ; 799-802

Text book chapters

Elsever Publications ECAB Clinical Update : Obstetrics and gynecology

  1. Medical disorders in pregnancy : 2009 Editors ; dr uday thanawala , dr hema divakar Chapter on diabetes in pregnancy
  2. Gynecological endocrinology : 2010 Chapter on premature ovarian failure
  3. Obstetric Counselling 2008 Chapter on Genetic Counselling
  4. Bleeding in pregnancy 2011 Editor and Chapter on readiness is the key
  5. Abnormal Uterine bleeding 2010 Chapter on amennorohea
  6. Best practice and research Clinical obstetrics and gynecology Uterine Fibroids vol 22 number 4 August 2008 Chapter on Asymptomatic uterine fibroids
  7. Text book of pph Sapien publishing oct 2006 edited by C B- Lynch Combating pph in india – moving forward
  8. Genital tuberculosis RNGF publications 2010 Chapter on genital TB in adolescents
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  10. Pregnancy at Risk 2010 Chapter on Prevention of preterm labour
  11. COGI publication 2009 Gestational anemia impact on gen next
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  13. Current practice in obgyn Jaypee 2005 Chapter on current approach to abnormal bleeding in adolescents
  14. Legal angle of gynec practice 2009 Ethics in clinical research – the implied and the obvious
  15. Clinical pathways 2009 FOGSI publication
  16. FOGSI FOCUS on IUCD 2010 Recent research – how much and how much more
  17. Paving the path for safe motherhood – 2010 AZ – FOGSI publication

    Divakar H : Gupte S :

    • (A) Soaring rates of At Risk pregnancy – indian data
    • (B) changing trends in labour management
  18. Text book titled “management of gestational anemia – fresh thinking and new frontiers “. 2011 McMillan publications Editors. Hema divakar / Isaac Manyonda
  19. Text book titled “the First trimester” Fogsi publication 2007 Editors dr duru shah / dr hema divakar


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With more than 200,000 women employees in the garment sector in Bengaluru suffering from Anaemia, the Karnataka government has collaborated with ARTIST to tackle the issue at a micro level and then extend the programme to the rest of the state. As part of the programme, over the subsequent 100 days, the women workers were screened for Anaemia by the staff of the ESI Hospitals across Bengaluru. ARTIST then deployed its latest ‘point of care’ equipment at the screening centres to capture data on health parameters of women undergoing tests. On the basis of the test results, oral or injectable iron were administered to Anaemic factory workers at the ESI Hospitals in Bengaluru.



Life-threatening cervical cancer is on the rise, next only to breast cancer in India. A nationwide campaign was conducted seeking to institutionalize vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) for girls in the age group of 9-13 years. The demands have to be met by strengthening the supply side and empower the mothers and daughters with the information and access to seek help. Mobile Apps and Online video chat, WhatsApp groups, Helpline, dedicated YouTube channels create access to information and ARTIST is exploring the use of digital technology to reach as far and as many in spreading awareness.



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