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Who we are
A group of expert healthcare professional, leaders of professional organisations (national and international) key opinion makers , researchers and academicians , leading clinicians in practice – this is the mix of the best resources under one umbrella.
Leadership Team
For us, responsibility for communities in which we operate – locally and globally – is an integral part of who we are. We focus our activities on those areas where we can leverage our competencies to help making people’s lives better. Because of our deep expertise in Healthcare addressing related health challenges and advancing people's lives through technology are the cornerstone of ARTIST strategy. Advocacy ,Research and Training revolve around ABCDE
Our Vision
Dedicated towards pioneering innovative research and influencing national level policy changes and building capacity through skill transfer.
To conduct impactful and purposeful activities in order to create large scale social impact. Breaking silos and integrating with every possible sector (IT, NGO, advocacy, biomedical engineers, overseas collaborators and others) to create lasting social impact and ultimately altering the very landscape of women’s healthcare in India… reaching every girl every woman
  • An undying hunger for social change – women’s health sector
  • Big vision - bring initiatives to scale
  • The energy and passion to convince others to join - Collaborate
  • Discipline to align strategy with financing - Sustainable
  • A truly creative streak – Diversified synergy
  • An entrepreneurial spirit – implementing innovations
  • Tenacity to solve the problem no matter what – persistent efforts with all sectors
Our Vision
Our Mission
ARTIST focuses on activities that will contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations. The basis of our work are long-term partnerships with local, regional and global experts and international organizations as well as Governments and academia.
In its philosophy of CONNECT & COLLABORATE,together with its partners, ARTIST supports programs that are built around ART – ADVOCACY, RESEARCH & TRAINING


To reach patients and professionals with the right healthcare messages through relevant channels
  • Build advocacy to address health, social and economic challenges.
  • Raise awareness of disease prevention and early detection by providing access to right information, health and change of mindset
  • Empower women and youth
Our Mission
Collaborating with various stakeholders and young entrepreneurs across digital platforms not working in isolation
ARTIST involves the youth themselves increating knowledge sources for appropriate dissemination of knowledge. "Thelandscape today is largely different, therefore we must involve youth in their ownwellbeing to create more awareness on their behalf. In this context, the digitalplatforms have come to our rescue," explains Dr. Hema.
In order to bring about behavioural change, ARTIST makes use of contemporary tools such as blogs,podcasts, video snippets, animations and others.


  • Improve access to innovative and equitable healthcare solutions.
Our complex socio-political and economic dynamics, makes India a truly unique nation. Therefore, solutions that would work in another country might not fare well if implemented in the Indian context. ARTIST understands that the challenges faced by a developing country like India are largely different; similarly there exists unique opportunities and solutions that we must implement on our accord. Taking into account India’s unique requirements, ARTIST conducts research , throughout the country in various phases.
"We are largely into operational and implementation based research which is aimed at bringing about change at the ground level," explains Dr. Hema.
The organization studies the ground realities, builds original research which suits in ourcountry’s dynamics and context, puts into implementation the results thusdemonstrating better health outcomes. We then summarize and presents data on the table for pertinentpolicy changes.


  • Expand professional capabilities in healthcare, scientific research, technology in order to fill gaps through the practice of skill transfer
  • The astounding figure suggests that the need of the hour is capacity builders that can churn our skilled support staff and help in the dissemination of apt healthcare solutions to all.
  • Working with steadfast dedication towards building skilled healthcare workforce and enabling pertinent policy changes especially in the sector of women's healthcare
  • ARTIST has closely worked with the NATIOANal body FOGSI AND INTERNATIONAL BODY FIGO , in developing standards and successfully conducted various certification programmes for skilltransfer and competency-based training in the form of direct trainings such as master trainings and training of rainers . The reach is now far and wide through technology based online learning platform through the Zoom model
  • ARTIST has also laid emphasis on lending emergency care and medical aid to women during child birth. Working in association with Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI), ARTIST is working on implementing ‘Manyata’, an ambitious initiative that brings together local health practitioners to improve their ability to deliver better, respectful and quality care services to pregnant mothers during and after childbirth. Right from enrolling manpower to conducting skill transfer (onsite & digital) to getting caregivers up to speed to apply for certifications provided by FOGSI - ARTIST does it all.
  • The massive PAN India project has already certified over 800 centers for following clinical protocol and having skilled staff and others.
"Although800 might look like a large number but we need to train a minimum of 5000 centers and reach a figure of 50,000. It is an ambitious project, but we have taken the first steps towards achieving the goal," says Dr. Hema.
CSR Activities
Dr. Hema believes that while passion can be a great stepping stone for any project, it cannot sustain the momentum alone; this is where purpose comes into play. With Girls and Women at the centre, the 5 key pillars ABCDE of COLLABORATION for CSR Include:
  • A – Adolescent Health - target schools and colleges
  • B – Building reproductive choices and opportunities for Youth
  • C – Cervical Cancer – early detection and prevention with vaccine
  • D - Diabetes Care and Cure
  • E – Education and Empowerment of girls and women
Awards and Recognition

The Partners


  • 2020

    We have rebranded and redesigned our logo to include the word. 'Her'. This brand change is a way to better communicate our emphasis on 'Health for Her'. It resonates with our vision of reaching out to every girl and every women in India

  • 2020

    In a world starved of heroes, it is nothing short of magic to see several of them under one roof. It’s exactly what happened at NexBrand’s Brand Vision Summit 2020 powered by Kamdhenu, held on February 20, 2020 at ITC Maratha, Andheri. This is the 5th edition of the grand event, which is tracked with great interest all over the nation. Ever since it launched in 2015, Brand Vision Summit has been hailed as one of the country’s most covered platforms where India’s very best share the stage.

  • 2019

    Karnataka State Obstetrics & Gynaecology Association (KSOGA) and Manyata come together to enhance the quality of healthcare that the expectant mothers receive from providers in Karnataka. They plan to achieve this by providing on-site or centralized trainings to private providers and paramedical staff on standards required to deliver quality and respectful care to mothers during and after childbirth.

  • 2019

    Dr Hema Divakar, a pioneering voice in Asia for Women’s Healthcare and Medical Director,Divakars Speciality Hospital, was ‘Global Asian of the Year 2018-19’ along with the first Deputy Prime Minister and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries, Madam Ho Ching, CEO of Temasek Holdings and wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Yusuff Ali MA, Lulu Group’s CMD.

  • 2018

    It is a sweet endeavour to protect a generation and to keep yet to be born generation healthy. Recognizing rising concerns on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and its adverse impact on pregnant women and their yet to be born child, Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST) today launched ‘Sweet Heart’ project.

  • 2017

    With the entire country focusing on Skill India and Digital India, the Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST), headquartered in Bengaluru, today invited collaborators from across industries for a healthier India through Skill Transfer and applying optimal use of Technology to make quality healthcare accessible to the most in the country wherever it currently is not. The evening also saw top collaborators being awarded for their contribution in the field of Healthcare and Skill Transfer at the ARTIST Reality Awards, to recognize the impact delivered by them.

  • 2016

    With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), which is found among pregnant women, almost assuming epidemic proportion (more 3 million annually) in India, the Asian Research & Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST), a Bengaluru-based institute, conducted an interactive session for stakeholders of women’s healthcare in an effort to tackle the issue from a long-term perspective by undertaking capacity building of staff nurses, counselors, diabetic educators and clinical assistants.

  • 2010

    ARTIST will undertake the capacity building of the staff, carry out monitoring of services, provide technical support and operate the helpline.

  • 2009

    The large vision is to develop India as a global hub for training and teaching in basic and advanced skills in ObGyn

    The Asian Research & Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST), has entered into a public-private-partnership (PPP) with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to adopt and manage the First Referral Units (FRU), exclusively dedicated for maternal healthcare services, in several economically backward districts of Karnataka. The move is aimed at offering the best of the maternal healthcare services to the rural population.ARTIST ran a successful pilot PPP model with the NRHM at Santhemaralli in Chamarajanagara district. Started in 2007, the FRU quickly scaled to 150 deliveries by the third month from 50 deliveries per month. Now, that FRU handles 250 deliveries. The same PPP model has now been extended the Raichur FRU. In the coming months, ARTIST will manage the FRUs in Gulbarga, Bagalkote and Bidar districts where maternal healthcare services delivery in rural areas is very poor. In order to make this PPP model successful, ARTIST has joined hands with Karuna Trust, a non-profit organization started by award winning Dr. H. Sudarshan.

  • 2008

    Teaching Programmes – The Georges – Bangalroe MRCOG Part II one week /teaching programme and the PISCEP programme of 'Search & Research ' for post graduates.

  • 2007

    Dr. Divakar G.V, Consultant Ophthalmologist , Divakars Speciality Hospital,Ex. Prof. and H.O.D , Dept. of Ophthalmology , Ramaiah medical college is the Co-ordinator and Managing Director of ARTIST

  • 2007

    Dr. Isaac Manyonda, Consultant St Georges UK is the Scientific Director for ARTIST Research Projects at Divakars Specialtiy Hospital and Multicentric projects are also being initiated.

  • 2006

    Dr Hema Divakar is the CEO and Chairperson of ARTIST. She is a practicing OBGYN consultant and head of Divakars Hospital, Bangalore. In her over 25 years of contribution to the OBGYN field in India, she has and continues to be an outstanding clinician, a keen researcher and a great trainer. Being an active member of FOGSI for the past 15 years, she has held various administrative and research positions, some of them being

    Fellowships are offered in the specialties under the banner of ARTIST & Certification courses in ultrasound / perinatology recognized by ICOG

  • 2005

    Asian Research & Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST), a premier institute for learning, is based out of Bangalore, and aims to improve the capabilities and competencies of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists (ObGyns) in India. Having extensively surveyed the Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices (KAPs) amongst the ObGyns across India, ARTIST we have been able to gather startling facts and identify the GAPs in KAPs. ARTIST will conduct training, teaching and research in order to fill these gaps.